Sunday, May 24, 2015

Burning the bootloader into a clone of LilyPad Arduino USB using Arduino Mini-Pro

Synopsis: The well known ArduinoISP tutorial shows Arduino Uno for both target and ISP.  The same steps work without principal modifications for LilyPad Arduino USB as target and Arduino Mini-Pro as ISP.

Arduino Mini-Pro with attached wires.  The wires bring programming signal to the target ATmega32U4.  (Target not shown.)
Additional wires were soldered to the Mini-Pro to connect the programming signals to the target LilyPad clone. Screenshot.  Foreground: The bootloader have been downloaded. Windows have successfully recognized the Arduino LilyPad USB, and installed the driver for it.  Background: ArduinoISP sketch which was running on Arduino Mini-Pro.


Using Arduino Nano as an ISP Programmer
ATmega bootloader programmer by Nick Gammon
Loading the Leonardo bootloader on the Adafruit ATMega32u4 breakout